Smart Meters

Smart Meters Overview

DLMS compliant, MID Approved top quality smart meters; reliable and cost-effective one-stop metering solutions. We have 3 type of smart meters.

P2000-T (Transformer Operated Three Phase Smart Meter)
P2000-D (Whole Current Three Phase Smart Meter)
C2000 Single Phase / Two Phase Smart Meter



High accuracy measurement of bi-directional energy and demand


Instrumentation of voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and harmonics

Meter Profile

Two configurable load profiles with 450 days capacity at 60' interval


Energy Monitoring System

Alarm Events

Four event logs with power quality or tampering events

Backup & Recovery

Internal real-time clock with super-capacitor or lithium battery backup

Intelligent Security

Encapsulation type meter casing for superior reliability and security

System Intergration Ready

Supports DLMS/COSEM, IEC62056-21, or MODBUS protocol

How It Works

Using Data Concentrator to collects data from smart meters.

Taiace Smart Meters Diagram